LAKOS Centrifugal Separators

LAKOS Centrifugal Separators

LAKOS Centrifugal Separators are patented systems designed to separate solids particles from liquid. They feature:
  • No moving parts to wear out or replace
  • Minimal liquid loss
  • No backwashing or other routine maintenance or downtime requirements
  • Low and steady pressure loss
  • Easily automated

LAKOS manufacturers several products designed specifically for Cooling Tower applications, such as:

  • Basin Cleaning
  • Side Stream protection
  • Full Stream protection
  • Heat Exchanger protection
  • Heat Pump protection

Strategically placed flow HydroBoosters prevent solids accumulation in the basin and attack conditions that breed harmful bacteria. This standard flow activity plus LAKOS HydroBoosters equals effective tower cleaning.

A packaged centrifugal separator filtration system utilizing an accessible separator plus:

  • A pump
  • Inlet strainer
  • Either a zero liquid loss SRV solids purge collection system or an automatic ball valve solids purge system
  • A control system mounted in a NEMA 4X, UL listed control box all packaged on a unitized skid mounting system.