Fintube Technologies / Kentube Engineered Products

Fintube Technologies / Kentube Engineered Products designs and manufactures the largest variety of economizers, air heaters, and gas-to-liquid/gas-to-heat recovery equipment in the industry.  Kentube Engineered Products are produced in a vertically integrated company to assure the highest compatibility and quality standards.  Production can be controlled to produce on-time schedules and costing can be controlled from a single sourcing concept.  Kentube Engineered Products manufactures economizers in accordance with ASME Section I and Section VIII.


Rectangular Economizer

  • Saves money on fuel costs
  • Sizes up to 400,000 pph water flow
  • Steam operating pressures from 50 psig to supercritical
  • Can support large structural loads

Cylindrical Economizer

  • From 100 HP to 100,000 pph
  • Built-In Sootblowers
  • Minimal transitions

High Frequency Serrated Fin Tube

Serrated Fin Tube - High Frequency Solid Fin tube