Evapco Cooling Towers


Principle of Operation:

  • A cooling tower is a specialized Heat Exchanger in which two fluids (air and water) are brought into direct contact to effect the transfer of heat thru evaporation
  • Cools a recirculating flow of water to which heat has been added by the system served
  • Saving the user on water costs
  • Hot water from condenser flows over the fill.
  • Tower fan draws ambient air across water on the fill.
  • Heat from the water is transferred to the air by latent and sensible cooling.

Selection Parameters:

  • Flow rate (gpm)
  • Hot Water (condenser Leaving Water Temperature)
  • Cold Water (condenser Entering Water Temperature)
  • Wet Bulb (entering Wet Bulb) Recommend the 0.4% WB from table 1b, Chapter 27, 2001 ASHRAE  Fundamentals
  • Range = Hot Water – Cold Water
  • Approach = Cold Water – Wet Bulb