Memphis Pump

Memphis Pump manufactures pumps for flow rates to 800 GPM and for system heads to 280 FT TDH.  Each pump size is available in both a close-coupled (motor mounted) version and as a frame mounted version.

Common applications that Memphis Pumps are used for include circulators for HVAC and process cooling systems, commercial dishwashers, transfer and packaging of various fluids, cooling and filtration of fluids used in hydraulic power systems and heat treating systems, injection molding cooling, air scrubbers, washing and cleaning systems, pressure boosting on small irrigation systems, and washdown in processing plants.

Construction materials are cast iron, cast iron bronze fitted, and most pump ends are also available in all bronze. Shaft seals are available for most fluids normally handled with centrifugal pumps.

Electric motors are standard NEMA type motors and are readily available for 115/230 volt and 208-230/460 volt service, and also for 50 cycle and 575 volt duties.